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I create extensions with language support. If You speak in other than english language, You can share Your translated language file. It very easy!


- Open language file in folder lang/ (default english.php), select all (CTRL + A) and copy it to clipboard (CTRL + C).

- close this file and create new file named as Your language (for example germany.php, czech.php),

- insert data from clipboard (CTRL + V) and Your translating can begin.

Language rows look like

DEFINE("_PLAYER", "Player");

and You translate only second phrase.

For example if You translate to germany, the row will look

DEFINE("_PLAYER", "Spieler");


No problem :)


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casinostaff  - JGCasino......CASHOUT buton     |Registered |2010-07-23 00:44:10
Hello , I just buy and install JGCasino games on my website, and only 1 game has
CASHOUT buton, the rest NO.

Please help me.

searcoid  - JG Chess tournament option     |Registered |2010-12-19 22:36:08
I am so happy with your JG Chess component. It is something I said over a year
ago I would be willing to pay for and am please with what you have done.

you be able to create an add-on for this component so an administrator could
create custom tournaments (ie group stages and knockout rounds like the FIFA
soccer world cup) I would be willing to pay extra for this.

Also would be very
nice to have in-game messaging rather than just integration with UddeIM etc, but
it is still nice.

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful Joomla extension.
MichaelShort  - I am an internet scammer & a thief!!!   |Registered |2017-02-03 20:52:21
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has the ability to travel anywhere at will. I am pretty much fucked when he
catches me. I want everyone on this forum to know what a chicken shit cock
sucker I am.
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