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Welcome to the Joomla Gaming Extensions site!

All extensions are now free!

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I don't have a time for support JG extensiions and i decided that are extensions will be free for all!


Last Updated on Monday, 17 July 2017 11:33


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this site was created for more gaming components, modules, plugins and so. I will create for You the gaming extensions for Joomla.

You can get to following extension now: 

  • JG Scoreboard for PU Arcade
For Subscribers:
  • JG Casino Pro
  • JG Rock Paper Scissors Game
  • JG BlackJack
  • JG Chess
  • Casino Games pack with 68 Casino games
  • Sh404sef plugin for JG Casino
  • JoomSef 3.3.x plugin (J1.5) for JG Casino
  • JoomSef 2.2.x plugin (J1.0) for JG Casino
  • JG Casino Micro Integration plugin for subscription AEC component
  • JG Casino AUP plugin
  • Feeling Lucky module for both Joomla versions
  • Random Games module for both Joomla versions
  • Newest Games module for both Joomla versions
  • Most Played Games module for both Joomla versions


 Interest for our extension? You can subscribe here and get access to all our products. You may have all our extensions for 6 EUR only!

 Please review and vote my extensions on JED here.

 Note: All our extensions are distributed under GNU/GPL licence.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 November 2010 20:24

Support my extensions

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I create extensions with language support. If You speak in other than english language, You can share Your translated language file. It very easy!


- Open language file in folder lang/ (default english.php), select all (CTRL + A) and copy it to clipboard (CTRL + C).

- close this file and create new file named as Your language (for example germany.php, czech.php),

- insert data from clipboard (CTRL + V) and Your translating can begin.

Language rows look like

DEFINE("_PLAYER", "Player");

and You translate only second phrase.

For example if You translate to germany, the row will look

DEFINE("_PLAYER", "Spieler");


No problem :)


Last Updated on Thursday, 05 March 2009 00:45

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